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April 2, 2013
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Nala - PO Contest Entry by Hoolemere Nala - PO Contest Entry by Hoolemere
I know it's a bit late, but I hope it's okay anyway, but I understand if it isn't.

Species: Tyto alba
Name: Nala
Gender: female
Age: 1 year and 2 weeks

This is Nala, she's a Pure one and a rather dedicated one, but she hasnt allways been a pure one. Before Nala was a pure one, in her young days as a owlet, she dreamt of becoming a Guardian of Ga'Hoole. But one day in the middle of the night, while Nala were out in the tree with her father and mother, there suddenly landed a dozen owls. While Nala curiously looked around on all these owl, which all seemed to be Tytos, there landed a owl in front of her and her parents, with it's back towards them. This owl really caught her attention, with its head covered under some kind of shiny object and red meterial (which Nala didn't know what was) that, as the owl landed fell down and covered it's back.The owl which had just landed in front of them, turned around, but Nala only got to see a short glimps at this astonishing beatiful barn owl, before her farther stepped infront of her and her mother took her in her talons, and flew her up through the branhes in the tree toward there hollow, where her mother placed her, only to turn around again. This happened so quickly that, Nala didnt notice what really where gong on, and ofcours Nala was corious like every young owl, so she leaned forward out of the hollow, to see what was going on underneath, where she just for a moment had been with her father and mother. But as she leaned forward she lost her balance and fel out of the tree, which for the first time in her small life send a fear through her buddy, and she screamed with her little voice as she felt toward the ground underneath. She tried to fly, but nothing happened. But ss she saw the ground before her, she felt something grabbing around her and lifted her away from the ground. She looked up and saw the same owl as earlier, the strange owl covered in red with a shiny head, and she passed out.

It has been allmost 1 year since she got saved by her commander, and since then the commander have acted like a mother to her teaching wrongs from right, so she joined the Pure ones, and have ever since tried to be as good a pure one as she could, and have proven to be a promising strategist, and Nala hope she one day will make her commander proud of her, as she sees her as her mother.
But Nala tries in secret to find any clues about her real family, when she can, like when she's on snatching, and other duties, allthougt her new mother have told her, that they left her so she took her in. She doesn't have any doubt, that her "mother" tells the truth, but she just wants to meet her real mother and father, so she looks where she can.

About the picture
There are so much more I could do with this picture:(, but I have allready worked over the time limit for the contest I'm entering with this, so it's best if I stop now, so I can upload:(, so it maybe will be accepted, even thought I overdid the time a bit :/
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